Bozeman Lawn Services

Bozeman Lawn Mowing

There is no lawn too big or too small, as well as no driveway too big or too small for plowing. We strive to be the best local lawn maintenance and snow plowing company in the Bozeman area.

Complete Home Care

We work with local home professionals like R & T Services for local air conditioning Billings MT services to ensure complete home care.

Bozeman Cleanup Services

Bozeman Fall/Spring Cleanups

We here at Lockwood Lawn Care can help make your property look it's best. We can trim bushes, trees, hedges...anything. We also can dethatch in the spring helping to get your lawn ready for summer.

Bozeman Snow Services

Bozeman Snow Plowing

From your driveway to your parking lot we can handle any size job anytime it snows!